Kevin Heslop at The Temz Review has just posted an interview with Roxanna Bennett and I about Roxanna’s new book, unmeaningable, and about Gordon Hill Press.

My son Ethan and I have had the fun opportunity to write an essay together for The Town Crier. It’s called “Performing the Tale: On Telling Story as a Dungeon Master“, and it’s about how telling story as a Dungeon Master is different than telling story through a written form. Check it out.

My story, “The Chimney“, has been published on Queen Mob’s Tea House. “The Chimney” is another in the Curious-City collection I’ve been working on, in which socially or economically marginalized people encounter miracle-like phenomena as a way of conveying the sense of lost control that often accompanies their position within the social workings of the city. It’s the first of several in the series that will have no obviously magic realist elements, exploring other kinds of “miraculous” events instead. Enjoy.