Toward an Unending Conversation

I am tired of education.  What I want is an unending conversation: where people come and go; where the disciplinary boundaries are marked only by the interests of those who happen to be present; where there is food and wine, words and ideas, mingled; where there is no regard for marks, and credits, and degrees and careers; where everyone must be prepared only to teach and to learn; where the thinking and the speaking smolder like tobacco in a pipe; where the classroom is wherever we happen to be, on the porch, in the pub, or on the hiking trail.  I want people to take this kind of conversation so seriously that they live their lives in constant preparation for it.  I want it to infiltrate everything, no matter how mundane, so that there need be no end to it.

  1. TC said:

    Places would still come to be preferred I think. And there would be the ‘interdisciplinary’ in the inter-actions and the relationship with inter-places, such as landings, or pagodas, bus stops, places with no walls, or the shore, or walking, when you are in no place but movement, all of which would have a relationship with what is spoken, and how it is said.

    Lecture halls or cramped classrooms with wood-grain laminex tables that have to be rearranged by the participants before anything can be said would fail to be preferred: perhaps they would be better for storage.

    And what about sandpits where things get grainy and fun and it is completely forgotten that anything is being learnt? One’s ‘mark’ becomes what is left in one’s pockets and seams and discovered on washing day.

    Inside extinct volcanos where there is a hush because no insects live, and so no birds visit and words reverberate?

    I imagine a world wide event where electronic stores, rooftops, roundabouts, tree-houses and satellite dishes become the places for these conversations, all at the same moment, and nobody records or documents them because everyone is too engaged to be outside looking on.

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