Seven Things About Me

Dave Humphrey has recently tagged me with what is essentially a chain letter for blogs, the sort of thing that I usually ignore outright.  Since it comes from Dave, however, I will only ignore it partially.  I decline to list the rules of the game, and I decline to tag others in turn, but I will condescend to list seven things that people may find interesting about me.  Of course, you need not be interested unless you want to be.

1.  I am one of nine children: I have four birth brothers, three step-brothers through my father’s second marriage, and a step-sister through my mother’s second marriage.  Though I enjoy them all, I count myself fortunate that we did not all live in the same house at the same time.

2.  I have never in my life paid for television service, whether cable, satellite, or anything else.  This is a point of chagrin for telemarketers, who routinely disbelieve that this can be true, demanding to know why I would hide the identity of my provider.

3.  At one point, sometime about Grade 10, I was seriously considering being an accountant, until my accounting teacher drew me aside and told me that I might be better suited for something else, anything else, anything at all.

4.  As a result of practising for my highschool’s production of The Hobbit, I was, for a short period of my life, able to drop from standing to the jazz splits.  I discovered, rather painfully, that I was no longer able to perform this feat midway through the dance at my brother’s wedding.

5.  My wedding dress cost more than my wife’s.  The cloth for my hand-stitched kilt and plaid was imported from Scotland, which made it quite expensive, though I justify the cost on the grounds I that have since been able to wear my dress on more occasions than she has been able to wear hers.

6.  While working as a Youth Leader at a local church, the kids that I was supposed to be supervising lit a bonfire in the parking lot.  The blaze was so large that it attracted attention from drivers on the highway who called the local authorities.  A fire engine and two police cars were mobilized to the scene, and some of my charges were taken into custody as they were riding home on their bikes.

7.  During university, I worked as a security guard for the La Senza Lingerie retail chain.  I was told that I was the first male ever to work on the retail floor for the company.  Many of my friends claim that I will never be able to surpass this achievement.

  1. Katerina said:

    I just have to comment.

    This post is fabulous. La Senza security guard? Now that is something I would not expect, haha.

  2. Curtis said:

    Perhaps you could, already having experience in the Lingerie industry, become the first male starter for the Lingerie Football League in the states. You do have extensive rugby experience, you’d be a shoe in to up the female fan base.

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