My Belated Christmas

Christmas always comes belatedly for me, at least in one important respect.  I generally have the baking, and the decorating, and the family dinners at the regular time of year, but it is only once I have collected my Christmas money and had a chance to order what I want to order, and only once the supplier has found and shipped the usually obscure titles I want, it is only then that Christmas is complete for me.

So, today, the 28th of January, was Christmas, because today I had delivered to me Werner Herzog’s My Best Fiend: Klaus Kinski, Robert Flaherty’s Man of Aran and Louisiana Story, and Steven Okazaki’s White Light / Black Rain.  Except for the Herzog film, I have not seen any of these documentaries, and I am looking forward to watching them very much.  Now, if I can only find several consecutive hours of uninterrupted time to make that a reality.

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