What I Would Write

I have a lengthy list of things that I could be writing.

My wife ran her Food for Thought event this past weekend, and there is much that I would like to say about the occupation of Palestine and of the parallels to the treatment of the native peoples here in Canada and of the nature of my responsibility in these things.

I have just finished reading Robert Graves’ I, Claudius and Claudius the God, and I would like to talk about how Graves uses the texts to reflect on the kind of history that he is writing.  There is also a story that I have long wanted to tell about a literary coincidence between Graves and C. S. Lewis, and this would be as good a place for it as any.

Don Moore’s recent series of comments on one of my older posts has had me digging through my notes on Emmanuel Levinas, and I have rediscovered several things that would relate well to the conversations that I have been having about solitude, about coping, and about the unrecognizability of God.  I will need to write on these things at some point.

I have also had several ideas for the children’s novel that I have been writing, of which I have posted the first chapter.  Some of these ideas will require me to rewrite portions of the earlier chapters substantially, and I am wanting to do this work as soon as I can.

This is what I would write today, if I was not marking.

  1. Matthew Harrison said:

    It is a good thing you love marking Luke, or I could see how bitterness about time wasted stolen from pursuy
    I found a copy of I, Claudius somewhere for $1, and tossed it on my bookshelf as filler, not knowing what it was. After I read Illich, maybe I will open it.

  2. Matthew,

    I will post on the Claudius books when I get a chance, but I recommend them both if you find the time to read them before I have the time to write on them.

  3. Katerina said:

    haha welcome to life!
    i make lists of things i want to think about. not even write about, things i have yet to process entirely before i can even begin to gather my thoughts on the idea to write about it.
    it sucks eh, all the things you need to digest and finish, then you get backlogged in your own ideas of what you need to do, and then people are like “EH do your biology class you have nothing better to do” and i’m like “no… i have to think about stuff..” and it seems like a losing argument before i even say it…

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