Dinner and a Doc, March 14, 2009

There are several factors that went into choosing Wim Wenders’ Buena Vista Social Club for this month’s Dinner and a Doc. First, it is one of those famous documentaries that I should have seen by now but have not. Second, it is a film by another of the great contemporary documentarians that I want to introduce to people. Third, it is by all accounts a very positive film, and I am in the mood for something that will not be telling me how the world is coming to an end in one horrible way or another. We will have plenty of opportunity to depress ourselves in the coming months.

The Buena Vista Social Club was a Havana club that was a favourite place for Cuban musicians to meet and play during the 1940’s. It served as an inspiration for an album of the same name that featured several veterans of the club alongside guitarist Ry Cooder. The film explores the lives and music of these artists, following them from their home country to their acclaimed world tour in 1998.

Further information about the director and the film can be found at Wender’s official site.

Clips from the film can be found at the following links: Chan Chan and Candela.

As usual, the event will be at my place, 130 Dublin Street, Guelph, and all are welcome, though I do appreciate an email to let me know that you will be coming. We will eat at about 5:30 and begin the film at about 6:00.


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