Grazing the Forest

My famiy and I are spending the weekend at the house of my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins, and yesterday afternoon we took a walk through the large wooded property that they own.  As always, I was looking for native edibles, and I was treated to a natural buffet, or I would have been if we had been walking a month or two from now.  We came across Wild Strawberries, Wild Raspberries, Swamp Red Currant, Gooseberry, Wild Plum, Mapapple, River Grapes, Fox Grapes, and three kinds of Vibernum that I was not quite able to identfy, though only a few of the strawberries could actually be eaten yesterday.  I dug specimens of the Wild Plum, the Gooseberries, and the Mayapples, beacuse they were growing in such profusion.  They will make great additions to my garden, and they will also serve to remind me of a day that my family went grazing in the woods a month too soon.

  1. Lisa Onbelet-Rattee said:

    For some unknown reason, your reflection reminded me a bit of Wordsworth’s “Nutting.”
    Very strange.

  2. Lisa,

    Perhaps not so strange. I think Wordsworth expresses something similar to my own emotion, though I have never myself seen a hazel tree in the wild. There is, after all, something about discovering the abundance of the wild, whatever form it takes, that makes one cognizant of what Wordsworth aptly describes as the spirit in the woods.

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