On Free Will

The opposition between predestination and freewill is a false one. It presumes that God is bound by the same relation to time that binds humanity.  Merely because the human intellect cannot conceive of how God could both have foreknowledge and permit freewill, it presumes that God cannot conceive of such a thing either, as if God was bound by the limits of human logic and understanding.  Any such God would not be a very poor God indeed.

The alternative is to acknowledge the possibility that, for God, foreknowledge and freewill are not exclusive of one another.  If the conjunction of these things is represented to us as a mystery, surely reducing this mystery to the limit of our human logic is a gross presumption, for it assumes that our human understanding, our human experience of being, marks the limit of God.  Any such assumption is the greatest heresy, perhaps the only heresy, even if it is also the heresy of every theology, even the one that I am writing now.


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