Making Dandelion Coffee

I made dandelion coffee yesterday.  Actually, I started the process some weeks ago when I dug up a number of dandelion roots, washed them, chopped them roughly, and left them to dry in the makeshift drying rack that sits on my front porch, but  yesterday I brought them in, roasted them in the oven, ground them, and brewed them, just like my regular coffee.

I chose to make the experiment yesterday because we were having some friends over for dinner, so I was sure of having some test subjects.  As it turned out, my mother-in-law also came home in time to have some, and several other friends came by in the evening, though by that time there was only enough for them to have a taste.  All told, I eventually had ten opinions on the dandelion coffee, besides my own, and all were more or less favourable.  My wife, who does not even like coffee, was quite enthusiastic, and most people thought that it was actually some kind of lightly sweetened coffee at first taste, suggesting that it had a hint of maple or brown sugar, though the predominate taste is as bitter as regular coffee or even more so.

I am not sure that dandelion roots will ever replace coffee beans in my morning brew, except perhaps in the greatest extremity, but it is certainly an interesting taste in its own right, and I intend to brew it more often.

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  1. Curtis said:

    Next step: Dandelion Wine, and tea…

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