The Books I Found Today

I had a chance to go by the EBC library today and search through the discards.  I was doing so primarily to make a point to my class that it is possible to find good books just about anywhere, but my visit proved much more productive than I expected.  I found a number of books that were interesting but for which I was not necessarily looking, the sort of books I thought I would find:

D. Mackenzie Brown – Ultimate Concern: Tillich in Dialogue
Friedrich Schleiermacher – On Religion
R. J. Kaufmann, editor – G. B. Shaw: A Collection of Critical Essays
Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus – The Lives of the Twelve Caesars
Frederick Buechner – The Sacred Journey
Martis Esslin, editor – Samuel Beckett: A Collection of Critical Essays
Hugh Kenner – Samuel Beckett
Sigmund Freud – Totem and Taboo

More excitingly, I also found a novel by one of my favourite and most elusive authors: Many Dimensions by Charles Williams.  I have written at length about Charles Williams before, so I will not do so again.  I will just say that I love his books and was disappointed to find, when I got home, that Many Dimensions is one I already own. On the other hand, simply discovering it among the discards, so unexpectedly, was a profound delight, and I will now have something to give Dave Humphrey when we meet on Wednesday night.

  1. I am most definitely Jealous, The Freud and Illich, Shaw and Ceasar stuff I would have been all over. I rue you Luke Hill.

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