Officially Common

As of this past weekend, From Word to Word is now officially Creative Commons licensed.  It was always my intention to release everything to the commons, and I have been encouraging people to act as if it was already, but I just never got around to doing anything official about it.  So, now there is actually the legalese to say that you can indeed use anything on this site to rip, mix, and burn, so long as you attribute it, so long as you are not making the big bucks on it, and so long as you share your work with the commons also.

I will not bother to rehearse all of the reasons for my choice.  There are many who have articulated them more clearly and cogently than I can.  If you are interested, you should probably begin by reading Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture, which is where I began.  If you are already familiar with the reasons for free culture and are interested in learning more about Creative Common licensing, you can find this information at Creative Commons Canada.

My special thanks goes to Dave Humphrey for hacking the code into my non-widget supporting template.

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