Not Dinner and a Doc

So, as I mentioned last month, there will be no Dinner and a Doc this Saturday.  Instead, it had been my plan to send my children off with one relative or another so that I could have my traditional Christmas baking day with my wife.  I was also going to set up the projector this year, so that we could watch movies together as we worked.  I initially proposed an Alfred Hitchcock marathon.  My wife demurred.  She counter-proposed a foodie-movie marathon.  I accepted, and I was intending to post a request for people to recommend their favourite foodie-movies.  Everything was planned.

Unfortunately, life, or the Christmas season rather, has intervened.  It seems that we will be hosting an annual gathering of friends this year, and this Saturday is really the only day that will work for it, and there are no other open Saturdays between now and when the Christmas baking will be needed, so the annual Christmas baking day has become something like an extended Christmas baking week, where we are making this and that whenever we find a few minutes.  It is not exactly what I had planned, or not at all in fact, but it has been something good even so.  It has allowed us to enjoy the baking at a slower pace and over a longer time, and it has also opened opportunities for friends to do some of the baking with us.  I was not tradition perhaps, but it did what the tradition was intended nevertheless.

Of course, this does not mean that those foodie-movies will not get watched someday, so feel free to recommend them anyway.

Also, for those who are wondering, here is the upcoming schedule for Dinner and a Doc:

January 9th – The Price of Sugar by Bill Haney
February 13th – Lost in La Mancha by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe
Match 13th – Man or Aran by Robert Flaherty

  1. Heavy Weights,
    The Mystic Pizza,
    Good Burger,
    Coffee And Cigarettes,
    No Reservations,
    [on a melancholy note you could watch Hunger… though]. Fried Green Tomatoes.
    A Walk in the Clouds.
    Meet Joe Black [this is not a food movie per say, but there’s dialogue about food and almost every scene has a meal or something to do with food in it],
    Gangs of New York, [a little stretch but the villain is a butcher],
    Bottle Shock,
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Last Orders
    The God Father part1
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Sleepers [how can you not watch a movie constructed around man slaughter with a hot dog cart?]
    Supersize me/ Fastfood nation.
    This is likely the most varied list you’ll get.

  2. What films did you watch, I assume you did this on yesterday?

  3. Curtis,

    As I mentioned in the post, we were not able to have our baking day this year, but we will hopefully get around to watching the films at some point or another.

  4. Mum said:

    Babette’s Feast

  5. Mum,

    Yes, we actually watched that the other night. It is becoming something of a Christmas tradition unto itself.

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