Making a Seed Table

There are three principal reasons that I have not been writing over the last few days.

Two of these reasons are of the sort that I am a little ashamed to confess: first, I have been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess with  my eldest son, since he is old enough to be interested in the game but is still too young to work his way through it by himself; second, my wife and I have been watching the final season of Battlestar Galactica in the evenings.  I do not often indulge in these kinds of things, and I have been getting much less done because of them, but I remain entirely unrepentant.

The third reason is at least a productive one: I have been making a seed table to start my seedlings for the garden this spring.  Last year’s experiment with putting the seed trays in the window sills was mostly a disaster.  There was too little heat and too little light in the front windoew, and there are really no better places in the house.  A seed table was necessary, and so a seed table has been made.  The photos are perhaps not entirely clear, but the table has two levels, each of which is divided into six sections that are the same dimensions as a standard seed try, so I will be able to start twelve trays of seeds at a time, which should meet all of my foreseeable needs.  I still have to add the plastic cover and buy the grow bulbs, but it is otherwise ready to go.  Best of all, the thing cost me only the price of the light fixtures.  The frame was constructed from some wood that I salvaged from my brother-in-law’s futon, and the cover will be cut from some poly that was left over from insulating the attic of our previous home.

I hope to have seeds in dirt by saturday.

  1. Wait until you get to the final episode, it will be suitably irritating.

  2. Mike Hoye said:

    Oh man, there’s no reason to be ashamed of playing Twilight Princess. It’s an unambiguously great game; I have a longer review of it here, from before we started our social experiment, but I think you might (particularly if you’re the closet Zelda fan I believe you to be) like it!

  3. Mike,

    I did very much enjoy your post, though I must confess that I have never played any of the other games that you mention other than the earlier Zelda titles.

    Zelda is a shared obsession in my family. We used to sit down, all five boys, and take turns playing through each game when it was released. We did not just beat the games. We exhausted them, scouring walkthroughs to gather every last heart and spider and poe, and I can say once again, as of this past week, that I have done everything that can be done on a console version of Zelda (except for the photographs in Windwaker that you have to play the game a second time to get, which I thought was a bit stupid).

    Interestingly, even just in the context of the other Zelda games, I felt the same sense of homage that you describe in your post. I even commented about this to a friend, suggesting that, if I did not already know better, the game felt like it was to be the last in the series, referencing its precursors as a way of saying goodbye. It is interesting to me that you felt this sense of homage also.

  4. I would just like to note, as an aside, that I have had one comment about Battlestar Galactica, and I have had both a comment and an email about Twilight Princess, but I have heard nothing about my lovely seed table.

    I am crying inside.

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