Docs at Home

My friend Dawn Matheson has just sent me a link to the newly launched HotDocs Doc Library, which contains hundreds of documentaries by Canadian filmmakers that users can stream free of charge.  Along with many films that I have not seen, the site has several of my favourites, including How to Eat a Cat by Michael Connolly, The Take by Avi Lewis, and Thai Girls by John Haslett Cuff.  There are many films here worth seeing, and when they are combined with those that are available through The National Film Board of Canada, all free and legal, you are now officially without excuse to do away with cable forever.

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  1. Was in HMV the other day, they have the master works collection of the man who directed ‘Little Dieter Learns to Fly’, which includes ‘Dieter’ and seven other films consider his masterpieces, hence masterworks collection. It was only fifty dollars in the store this was two days ago.

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