Dinner and a Doc, May 8th, 2010

This Saturday May 8th, we will be screening The Thin Blue Line by Errol Morris for Dinner and a Doc.  It will be the last Dinner and a Doc of the season, the last until September 11th, the last opportunity to get your documentary fix until the fall, so I hope to see you all there.

The Thin Blue Line follows the story of Randall Dale Adams who was falsely convicted of killing a police officer.  It is one of the first major documentaries to break with the direct cinema mode by using reenactments, and it raised so much publicity about Adams’ case that the conviction was eventually overturned.  It is also quite simply an engrossing film.

Here are some links for those who would like some further information:

1) a clip about the film;
2) a very entertaining letter to Morris from the producer Harvey Weinstein; and
3) a review by Ronnie D. Lankford Jr at documentaryfilms.net.

The soup that night will be Spinach and Mint Soup, a recipe that will let me use some spring produce already growing in local gardens.

The event will be at my place, 130 Dublin Street, Guelph, and all are welcome. We will eat at about 5:30 and begin the film at about 6:00. As usual, I would appreciate an email or a comment to let me know that you will be coming.

Also, here are some of the upcoming films we will be showing (Note that we will be taking a break for June, July, and August):

September 11th – Kordavision by Hector Cruz Sandoval (Considering the date, I may substitute a 9/11 doc instead)
October 9th  – White Light / Black Rain by Steven Okazaki
November 13th – The Clinton Special by Michael Ondaatje

  1. Curtis,

    I will be speaking at camp in June, directing at camp in July, and vacationing on Mantoulin Island in August.

  2. Jordan Vetro said:

    Hopefully I will see you there, if strange obstacles don’t get in the way.

  3. Aha, sounds like busy times, understandable, hope all goes well. Will miss the time well spent though. What does this mean for stopping in?

  4. Curtis,

    Stopping in is encouraged for everyone, as always. You just might want to call and make sure that I will be home.

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