Dinner and a Doc, October 9th, 2010

This Saturday, October 9th, we will be having Dinner and a Doc as normal, but with two important changes:

First, due to our numbers lately, we will be meeting from now on in the upstairs of First Baptist Church, Guelph, the space where we ended up meeting last month.  The church is located at 255 Woolwich Street.  People should feel free to park in the church parking lot and should enter through the side doors.  I will post signs to the room where we will be meeting.

Second, while everyone, especially the starving students, should still feel free just to drop by for the meal and the show, we have had many people offer to bring bread or drinks or desserts.  Rather than discourage this, as I have been doing until now in the interests of keeping things organized, I would now ask that people just let me know if they will be bringing something so that I can make sure all the necessities are covered.

So, with those two changes, this Saturday will be our second attempt to screen The Thin Blue Line by Errol Morris for Dinner and a Doc.  The film follows the story of Randall Dale Adams who was falsely convicted of killing a police officer. It is one of the first major documentaries to break with the direct cinema mode by using reenactments, and it raised so much publicity about Adams’ case that the conviction was eventually overturned. It is also quite simply an engrossing film.

Here are some links for those who would like some further information:

1) a clip about the film;
2) a very entertaining letter to Morris from the producer Harvey Weinstein; and
3) a review by Ronnie D. Lankford Jr at documentaryfilms.net.

The soup that night will probably be something pumkin-ish or squash-esque.

We will eat at about 5:30 and begin the film at about 6:00. As usual, I would appreciate an email or a comment to let me know that you will be coming and whether you will be bringing anything to contribute to the meal.

Lastly, here are some of the films we will be showing in upcoming months:

November 13th – Kordavision by Hector Cruz Sandoval
December 11th – Off for Christmas
January 8th – White Light / Black Rain by Steven Okazaki
February 12th – The Clinton Special by Michael Ondaatje

  1. Jordan Vetro said:

    Unfortuantely, I’ll be going home for thanksgiving a few hours before this begins. A similar thing can be said for most of my fellows.

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