Diyode Community Workshop

Some people from my neighbourhood have launched a community worshop, something that I have long thought would make a good addition to our community. They have called the initiative Diyode, and its mission is to: “Build a space for makers, artists, and crafters to access tools that they would not normally have access to. Make it kid-friendly, with activities to spark interest in electronics, machine building and practical problem solving. Give people of any age the tools, the confidence, the advice, and the excitement to build and invent things themselves. Create a wonderland of possibilities and a community to match, then set it free and see what it produces.”

This kind of initiative encourages people to learn and create and work collaboratively and openly, and it is precisely what our communities in general and our children in particular need in order to live differently in a culture that knows only how to buy rather than to make and explore and experiment. I am very excited that this idea has become a reality at last, and though I am not sure whether my kids are quite old enough to make good use of it yet, I am going to check things out and see where we might get involved. I will also be encouraging our local homeschoolers to see if they can form a partnership of some kind with the workshop.

Diyode holds a weekly meeting on Monday nights at 9pm at 71 Wyndham St. South, Unit B, Guelph.  Those who are interested in knowing more can visit Diyode at or email them at


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