Lindy: A Fantasy in .pdf and .rtf.

I have had a number of people request that I provide a single file where they can either read or print the entire story to date, so I have posted such a file in both doc and pdf formats on a new Longer Works page that I have just added under the blog’s Pages heading.  I will update these files as I post new chapters, so they should always be as complete a version of the story as possible.  I have also included links to these files below.

Lindy: A Fantasy.rtf

Lindy: A Fantasy.pdf

  1. I’ve been waiting for this to be finished before starting, and I do plan to print it when it’s done. One thought…it might be nice to do a proper LaTeX style book layout vs. just a PDF. I’d be glad to help you with that when you’re ready. It would be nice to use that with so we can get a real book.

  2. Dave,

    Yes, when the story is ended, and I have completed the final revisions, and my mother is finished the line drawings, then I’ll put everything into a proper format. This is just a temporary measure for those who can’t wait that long.

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