A Quiet Sort Of Saturday

We went to the market this morning, in its current displaced location in City Hall, and I ran into Tom Abel, who is visiting Guelph this weekend, so he stopped by for coffee this afternoon, and then I read a little from Tolkien’s The Hobbit with my eldest son, and then I sat down to write a post on Heidegger’s What Is Thinking?, and then I will be skipping a Christmas party tonight, and so the day is proceeding at exactly the speed that I like best, and I am content.

  1. Dave,

    We have been reading The Hobbit in chunks for about a month now, and Ethan is really enjoying the story. I need to paraphrase bits at times and to summarize every once in a while, but there is enough adventure and fighting and dragons to keep him amused.

  2. Lauren said:

    Sounds like a nearly perfect Saturday, if such a thing exists.

    Reading The Hobbit (and none of the LOTR books) as a child caused me to be extremely confused (and a little horrified) when I saw the first LOTR movie. “But The Hobbit was such a NICE story! The hobbits had tea! And went on a quest! What is going ON HERE?! Why is this movie SO DARK AND SCARY?!” Mike found the whole situation kind of amusing.

  3. Lauren,

    This is clearly a case of bad parenting. It is important for parents to move children from The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings as a part of their normal development, otherwise they set their children up for confusion and disappointment later on in life. You should probably take it up with your therapist.

  4. Katerina said:

    I like this post haha. I was there too!

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