The Perfect Holiday Diet

So, the reason that I have not been posting recently has only a very little to do with the regular business and chaos of Christmas in a large family, and a great deal more to do with the fact that I have discovered the perfect holiday diet.  It seems that the key to getting through Christmas without gaining any extra pounds is to contract a nasty flu from your children so that you will spend the most gluttonous week in the calendar eating nothing but yoghurt and drinking nothing but hot lemon toddies, usually cut heavily with scotch.  I am not sure that this method will receive the approval of your local health board, and it does have the regrettable side effect of debilitating you to such a degree that you cannot possibly accomplish anything else useful, but I guarantee its results.

  1. Curtis said:

    As soon as I read, ‘Hot lemon toddies, usually cut heavily with scotch.’ I could not stop laughing, it is exactly the thing I had thought not to see.

    It has been a while since I had a flu- but I stand by the assertion that clove and root vegetables are the way to go, I never shy from large quantites in my personal eating, and perhaps this is why I have not had a flu in a long time.

    That in mind, I wont shy from sharing my recommended infusion- starting with green tea, add ginger, garlic, onion, oregano, and hot sauce, some pepper, some cinnamon, and the butter from suated asparagus- if that doesn’t make you well, I say you have been struck by God, and I am both shocked and grieved!

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