Very Sensible Shoes

They sit across from one another, a mother and daughter perhaps, though they never say so.  They are wearing, both of them, very sensible shoes, low-heeled and closed-toed and black, the kind of shoes that are suitable for every occasion but stylish at none.   Their pants are sensible too, dark and pleated and cuffed, worn with equally dark sweaters and plain, unremarkable jewellery.  They talk to each other from beneath identical haircuts, short, unstyled, that never take too much time in the morning.  They are eating mandarin salads from stylized oriental bowls, and the younger is teaching the older to use the chopsticks.

1 comment
  1. Katerina said:

    I like the title and the prose, but I think you might want to continue it, it ends abruptly.. maybe end it with another reiteration of the very sensible shoes part, or drawing a conclusion that they are very sensible people or something. it ends when it is not quite finished, I think.

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