All The Names

Well, here I am blogging again, despite myself, the fault of Jose Saramago, whose novel, All the Names, will not let me be, though I have been telling it for several weeks, politely at first, then more and more firmly, all to no effect, that I simply do not have the time to write about it properly.  Here is all I will say:

1) It is a wonderful novel, well-crafted, and well-deserving of both close attention and repeated reading, so do read it, all of you;

2) Someone (not me, but someone, probably with more time and energy) needs to think through the novel in relation both to the Ariadne myth and to the ancient Jewish account of the Holy of Holies, in relation to Jacques Derrida’s Archive Fever; and in relation to Franz Kafka’s depiction of bureaucracy, though perhaps not all at the same time.

I apologize for saying so little, but if I were to say more, I might never stop.

  1. John Jantunen said:

    And it’s not even his best. Which remdinds me, have you started Blindness yet?

  2. John Jantunen said:

    Also, by the by, GPL just got in Saramago’s just published memoir, Small Memories.

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