Dinner and a Doc on Hiatus

Our family has had a difficult last few months.  A few weeks before Christmas, we learned that we will not be able to adopt the baby girl we have been fostering, and though she will be going home to a good situation, we are all very saddened that she will not be a part of our family.  Then, just after Christmas, my wife’s grandfather passed away, expectedly, but still painfully, and our home was saddened once again. 

Because of these and other things, my wife and I have decided that our family needs to take a break from some of our activities so that we can have a chance to take care of each other and to recover ourselves a little.  So, at least for a few months, we will not be holding our Dinner and a Doc events.  Hopefully, at some point, we will resume them, or something like them, but for now we feel that it is best for us to have our attention on more important things.

We really appreciate all those who have attended the events over the years.  We have fond memories of sharing those times with you.  And, of course, if any of you need your documentary fix, feel free to drop by any time.

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