New Books

While in Toronto for the Hot Docs Festival, I have taken the opportunity to explore every used bookstore within reasonable walking distance both of the apartment where I am staying and the festival’s industry center. Here are the books that I will be taking home with me. May my wife forgive my addiction.

Roberto Bolano, 2666 – hardcover

Roberto Bolano, Nazi Literature in the Americas

Roberto Bolano, The Skating Rink

Elias Canetti, The Play of the Eyes – hardcover

Colette, Flowers and Fruit – hardcover

Colette, The Ripening Seed – clothbound

Gilles Deleuz, Nietzsche and Philosophy

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Notebooks for The Brothers Karamazov – clothbound

Ralph Ellison, Flying Home and Other Stories – hardcover

Carlos Fuentes, The Years with Laura Diaz – hardcover

John Gardner, Michelson’s Ghosts – clothbound, first edition

William Godwin, Fleetwood

Graham Greene, Doctor Fischer of Geneva – clothbound

Graham Greene, The Human Factor – hardcover

Martin Heidegger, Off the Beaten Path

Ernest Hemingway, Under Kilimanjaro – clothbound, first edition

Arthur Koestler, The Call Girls – hardcover

Milan Kundera, Ignorance – hardcover

Milan Kundera, Immortality – hardcover

Doris Lessing – The Marriage Between Zones Three, Four, and Five – clothbound, first edition

Mario Vargas Llossa, The Bad Girl – hardcover

Mario Vargas Llossa, Captain Pantoja and the Special Service

Mario Vargas Llossa, The Cubs and Other Stories – hardcover

Mario Vargas Llossa, Death in the Andes

Mario Vargas Llossa, The Green House

Mario Vargas Llossa, The Language of Passion

Mario Vargas Llossa, Making Waves

Mario Vargas Llossa, The War of the End of the World

Mario Vargas Llossa, The Way to Paradise

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera – hardcover

Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing – hardcover

V. S. Naipaul, The Enigma of Arrival – hardcover

Jean-Luc Nancy, Being Singular Plural

Ben Okri, Infinite Riches – hardcover

Francois Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel – a gorgeous, clothbound, illustrated edition

Salman Rushdie, Imaginary Homelands – hardcover

Salman Rushdie, Luka and the Fire of Life – hardcover

Jose Saramago, All the Names

Jose Saramago, The Elephant’s Journey – hardcover

Mark C. Taylor, Nots

Paul Theroux, Patagonia Revisited – clothbound

Ivan Turgenev, The Torrents of Spring – clothbound, illustrated

Some of these may seem like odd choices for me, but I was often choosing on the basis of price and edition, and I am well pleased with the additions to my library.

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