Island Pieces Hits the Presses

I am pleased to announce the publication of Island Pieces, a collection of short fiction, poetry, and photography that recall the summers I spent on Manitoulin Island as a youth.  Many of the pieces were posted as early drafts here on From Word to Word, so if you want a flavour of what the book is like, just check out the Stories category in the navigation bar.

The book is available at as a hardcover, a trade paperback, and a .pdf.  The paperback will be available from major book sites like BarnesAndNoble and Amazon in six or eight weeks, but the Lulu prices will always be cheaper, and they get me a better cut as the author as well.  Also, because of the way that I have arranged distribution, I need to charge a minimum of $2.00 for the ebook on Lulu and who knows how much on BarnesAndNoble or Amazon, so here is a link to a free version, and there is also a link on the Longer Works page.  Those who are looking for a true ebook format will probably get what you want in a couple of weeks, so be patient.

The observant among you will notice that the book has been released through a publishing company called Vocamus Press, which is a co-operative publishing venture that I am starting with a few friends.  We are by no means ready to launch the project formally yet, but we will be publishing a few titles under that name over the next few months (including a new edition of Lindy that has already been released), hoping to have a nice big launch and party in the fall, so stay tuned for details.

  1. Lauren said:

    Just ordered the paperback! Can’t wait to read it.

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