Janus Books

There is a new used bookstore in Guelph, Janus Books, at 10 Paisley Street, in the plaza at the corner of Paisley and Norfolk.   I have not yet been able to have a real look through the store, which is to say that I have only been in with my children in tow, so I cannot say anything about the stock, but any used bookstore is a good used bookstore, and a city the size of Guelph should not be making do with only two of them, as it has been for too long.  So welcome Janus Books.   May your stay in Guelph be a long one.

  1. John Jantunen said:

    I’ve been in three times and each time it’s been the same: Yes I’m sure I have a book by Bolano in a box somewhere but no I don’t know which one it is. Come back in a few days, I’ll be sure to have it then. I’m being led to the water Luke, and it looks to me like he wants me to drink some Yann Martel.

  2. Kieran said:


    Just wanted to let you know I unearthed my trove of Bolano. A list:

    Savage Detectives
    Nazi Literature in the Americas
    The Skating Rink
    Monsieur Pain
    The Romantic Dogs

    All paperback, all in great shape. Ranging from $9 – $12. I’ll hold them for you for a few days. Hope you get this — wasn’t sure how else to contact you.

    Janus Books

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