Guelph Festival of Moving Media

The Guelph Festival of Moving Media is coming up soon, running from November 7 to 10. Since I was privileged enough to have some input into the titles that were selected, I have something extra invested in the festival this year, and I hope to attend several of the films that I have not yet seen, particularly Hole Story and Chasing Ice, which is supposed to have some absolutely stunning cinematography.  The schedule also includes some great films that I have already seen, of which I would especially recommend Smoke Traders and Meet the Fokkens.  There should be something for everyone, so check out the schedule, and go see something.

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  1. Curtis said:

    Luke, have you considered doing something jointly with the Chrisalids theatre in Kitchener? They put on an animation Festival the second weekend following your moving media festival… I see at least a cursory possibility for mutual promotion. I know some of the people who run the place here, would exchange of contact info be premature or presumptuous? There is of course I year of considerations in between.

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