One of the most telling critiques of our democracies and our capitalisms and our sciences and our technologies and our progresses, even our arts, is that they are so often humourless. They are not able to laugh either at themselves or one another. There is too little joy and pleasure in them, too little friendship and community, too little revelry and celebration. They are all too deadly serious.

  1. Allan Heidman said:

    And, in many cases, our religion.

  2. Allan Heidman said:

    This is indeed a humourless concern.

  3. Curtis said:

    So why have we as communities and societies come to expect this from our leaders, even to the point where those aspiring seem to shun the revelry of being people? How do we cultivate a balance between Quinn and Wayne, as it were in the people we support to lead?

  4. Curtis said:

    * or recognise as ‘elites’?

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