Over Everything

There is a girl in our neighbourhood who always wears a red shawl-like thing. I see her often, and her shawl has a sort of haunting effect on me. This poem, though shorter than its introduction, sets out to exorcize this haunting.

Over Everything

She wears a red shawl over everything,
and everything else is forgotten,
because the red she wears is over everything.

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  1. Curtis said:

    Luke, please pardon the criticism… this is my feeling of course,so take it or leave it, of course the communication is yours… but I don’t find the impact to be effectively haunting, if that’s what you want your audience to experience. Of course I’m responding to the expectation you created in the introductory exposition. I don’t feel or notice a visceral reaction of ‘haunting’, of course I process that as a feeling of ‘apprehension’ coupled with power and mystery, so it could just be a matter of existential differences…, there is the effect of enigmatic, but it doesn’t seem to be possessive, at least as I am audienced to t, if it’s not presumptuous to make a suggestion if my comment is affecting itself accurately, perhaps a point of your reaction or sensations would be better… I’m sorry if this seems to jab at what you feel is the completeness of the piece… I just find an observation here, and I know that’s your predominant poetical style, but I’m don’t get the feeling of being led towards ‘haunting’ or ‘awe’ or a feeling of possession, the mystifying or uneasiness, there are hints of it, but the effect seems lacking…, it could be just me of course… everyone expects differently.

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