Three Songs Indirectly Related To Love

This poem is supposed to be read aloud, with the parts in italics to be sung. It is not my normal sort of thing, I know, but I would hate to let people get too comfortable.

Three Songs Indirectly Related To Love

The trouble with love is that it’s trouble,
And if she loves you back, well, then it’s double,
Because the pace of love is with the heartbeat,
And there’s no place the mind and the heart meet.

It’s just, thumpity, thump, thump,
Bumpity, bump bump,
Humpity, hump, hump,

And I’m not talking about frosty the snowman.

But the funny thing is that love’s funny,
Catches with both vinegar and honey,
Cause we all want a bit of the sweet stuff,
Though we’ll say that the bitter is sweet enough.

We’re just hovering under the honey tree,
Singing, pay no attention to little me,
I just want your honeycomb all for me,

And I’m not likely talking about Winnie-the-Pooh.

So it’s a wonder that love’s still a wonder,
That it’s still as much over as under,
Cause every time the bow breaks we could fall,
And it’s a wonder the cradle still rocks at all,

That we still say, rock-a-bye baby,
Rock me my baby,
Rock on me baby,

And I’m definitely talking about my baby.

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