A Few Changes

The server that has been hosting this blog for the past many years has recently died of complications associated with old age. Rather than find a new host, I have decided just to transplant it to wordpress.com. A few of the most recent posts were lost during the operation, but hopefully I can reconstruct them with a little plastic surgery.

Also, since wordpress.com does not support the theme that I have been using, I needed to give the blog a facelift at the same time. Some of you have mentioned in the past that you were tired of looking at the same old features, so hopefully this new face is an improvement. I won’t likely change it up again for another half-decade.

UPDATE – The plastic surgery was successful.  All the bits should now be in their proper places.

UPDATE – It has been brought to my attention that all of the internal links are now broken, as I should have realized myself, but I don’t exactly have the time or the energy to update better than six years of links at the moment, so I will likely just work on it here and there as I get the chance. If you are looking for a particular link, just let me know.

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