At this Rendevouz

This is a poem of a kind that I have been writing as an intellectual exercise for some time, as a way to engage with the thinkers who provoke me, though this is the first time I have posted one of them. Each of these poems takes a passage from a philosopher or a theorist or a theologian and reimagines it as poetry. In this case, I have taken a passage from Jacques Derrida’s Aporias. The poem was first written in 2003 and has been brushed up a few times since. I am considering building these pieces into a larger project that I might call, in homage to Heidegger, Thought || Language || Poetry.

At this Rendevouz

Waiting for each other
is related to death,
to the borders of death,
where we wait
for each other, know,
life being always too short,
that one is waiting
for the other there
because the one
and the other never
arrive together
at this rendevouz.

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