This is another poem intended for the These, My Streets project. Edinburgh is one of the major streets running North/South through Guelph. It is often used to mark the border of the “downtown” and the “west end”.


I never knew you
until I sat on your porch
and watched pedestrians
press by, oblivious,
all yoga pants
and cell phones,
until I said to a child,
“Nice bike.
Your Dad should paint
the helmet to match,”
and his father said,
“What do I care?
He doesn’t even live with me,”
and I thought then
that the cloying lilac
from across the way
was preferable
to the neighbours,
and I wasn’t disappointed
to leave you behind.

  1. tamannamalhotra said:

    This is very well written.

  2. I don’t know but it gives me a rocking chair feeling. Were you sitting on one?

  3. It’s captivating. I like the way your words run so smooth.

  4. cartelmagazine said:

    It’s short but sweet. I like how you paint a picture. just another day. Passersby. phone in one hand hobby on the legs. a father and a child striking you enough to warrant comment the blunt reality of the single parent home. How that extra mile is seemingly lost enroute from one home to another. You not missing what is not there. Your resolve. I just loved it. it touched me. It gave me a piece of life. Thank you.

  5. tlizzy said:

    This is so weird. I have literallt been looking at flights to Edinburgh! ! Wow. Thank you

  6. “What do I care?
    He doesn’t even live with me,”
    Breaks my heart knowing so many kids are growing out there with single parents.

  7. georgehelou said:

    you captured the power of awkwardness well! 🙂 I enjoyed your poem.

  8. worldofwela said:

    Lovely wording

  9. Doug said:

    Lilacs are often preferable to neighbors, but some places are worth leaving behind. Very sad to have a public lament in front of the child: “What do I care? He doesn’t even live with me,”
        And doesn’t the child hear: “I don’t care about you, and I hate your Mother.”

  10. omentar said:

    Reblogged this on eomenta and commented:
    We call them tge hustles in the street

  11. ~A said:

    Great piece!

  12. Hi,
    I was just in Edinburgh, Scotland in July. Nice poem. Nice to meet you.

  13. Mimi said:

    Lyrical piece 🙂

  14. Just joined word press and saw this pop up! It’s really lovely I didn’t really think about commenting but i remembered the first lines and looked it back up just to tell you that i love it. The imagary of the father is really strong it made me chuckle in a sad way.

  15. I really liked this poem. And I admit, I had to google Guelph, but now I know where it is and I learned something today. Excellent work.

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