Gordon / Norfolk / Woolwich

This is another poem intended for the These, My Streets project. Gordon / Norfolk / Woolwich runs north-south through the entirety of Guelph, changing its name three times.

Gordon / Norfolk / Woolwich

You grew up rural, before the town crept
out to meet you and the college drew you
through its mixed architectures, its facades
and you lingered there longer than you should,
spent time in student housing on the hill,
crossed the river up to the Albion
when all that got a bit too serious,
and somewhere around there you changed your name,
took on a love that spent itself too soon,
ended as suddenly as it began,
spent your nights in apartments above shops,
and then you changed your name again, old school,
at the Baptist church where the five points meet,
found yourself living in substantial homes
through that long middle age when nothing much
distinguished day from day or week from week,
until, at last, the old names died away,
and it was then that you found religion
among the wild fields of St. Ignatius
and returned to the country of your birth.

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