And People Can Still Hear!

“Do you know that the door of the ladies’ bathroom is always propped open?” The woman leaned over the librarian’s desk, her arms folded across her heavy breasts in a way that was probably intended to look stern.

The librarian looked up from her computer, startled. “I…”

“The gentlemen’s is always closed,” the woman continued, “but the ladies’ is always propped open.”

“Well, I know the custodian leaves them to air after he cleans at night. Maybe you’re just the first one in.”

“No.” The woman looked condescending. “It’s always open. Even in the afternoon. People outside can hear everything.”

The librarian shrugged. “Maybe it’s someone who needs accessibility. Lots of washrooms now don’t even have doors.”

The woman slapped a hand against the desk. “Yes, and people can still hear!” she almost yelled. “It’s disgusting!”

“I see. Well, I don’t think anyone would mind if you just closed it when you went in.”

“Oh, I close it. I assure you. I just don’t feel that I should be put through the inconvenience, do you?”

“No, Maam,” the librarian said, “of course not.”

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