Monthly Archives: November 2015

My new chapbook These My Streets will be officially launched on Thursday, December 10, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, at the ANAF (32 Gordon Street) along with other Fenylalanine Publishing chapbooks by Darcy R. Hiltz, Jessica Avolio, and David J. Knight. It will be a fun and relaxed evening of poetry, music, and conversation. You can also bring some finger food to share. All are welcome.

Fenylalanine Publishing (a Guelph-based publisher that specializes in “latent peripheral ephemeral paraphernalia”) has just released a chapbook of my poetry called These My Streets.

The collection responds to the experience of walking the streets of Guelph. It comments visually and poetically on the social fragmentation of those spaces caused by our culture of fast cars and faster communication. Also (trigger warning) it talks a bit dirty about the virgin Mary.

If you want print files you can get them under the Longer Works section of this blog.

I also have a few physical copies that you can get from me for the low, low price of $5, but for a limited time only. So take advantage now, and I’ll throw in (as a free gift from me to you) a good, firm handshake (retail value, priceless), and a personalized inscription (which, in all honesty, will only decrease the book’s value).

Also, stay tuned about details for a launch party of some sort. All I know at this point is that it will happen, that it will be scheduled after the kids are in bed, and that it will involve more consumption of food and alcohol than actual reading of poetry.

Why is there such general terror of the empty page? It is because people discover in it that they have nothing to say — no stories to tell, no ideas to share, no passions to express. They look at the empty page and see that they too are empty.

For those who are full, however — full of living — the page is no terror, however empty it may be, because its emptiness is an incitement to make it full, to pour it up to the brim.

This is the lesson of the empty page — if it terrifies you, do not waste your time trying to overcome it. Instead, go, live more deeply, think more carefully, do more passionately — live — and then, when you are full, the empty page will beckon.