The Empty Page

Why is there such general terror of the empty page? It is because people discover in it that they have nothing to say — no stories to tell, no ideas to share, no passions to express. They look at the empty page and see that they too are empty.

For those who are full, however — full of living — the page is no terror, however empty it may be, because its emptiness is an incitement to make it full, to pour it up to the brim.

This is the lesson of the empty page — if it terrifies you, do not waste your time trying to overcome it. Instead, go, live more deeply, think more carefully, do more passionately — live — and then, when you are full, the empty page will beckon.

  1. swashbucklingfemmes said:

    I dig this. So much that I shared it on my fb page just now =) Peace&Love

  2. Hello Jeremy, first of al thank’s. to introduce my
    self I set up a blog one hour ago. No experience and Dutch.
    My Blog is especially about who we or ourselfses are.
    Apoligize but I need to write English although I’m Dutch.
    I just opened a blog and I think it’s simular.
    My son likes to make this world a better world and he studies in Amsterdam.
    My personal opinion is to fill the empty by yourself and no one other.
    I,m not . Je suis Charlie. I’m Henk with his own view on the world.
    I don’t need Charlie . The only thing I need and now I,m coming to the point. The empty spaces you’re talking about have te be filled from
    you ,re own ideas en experiances but not laid up by the crought.
    In Dutch I know the perfect word but I think Autonomie.
    The right to control and do the best with you,re own feelings.
    Dear greetings , Henk.

  3. So deep in my heart to read this kind of quotes or poetry… Coz I love both of these

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