Monthly Archives: February 2016

By brother Nathan and his family have recently decided to move from Guelph to Manitoulin Island.  They bought some cottages on Dominion Bay, and they’ll be renting them to tourists during the summer.

Those of you who know me or who read this space regularly will be aware of how much Manitoulin Island means to me, and if you’d ever like to find out how beautiful the Island is for yourself, you can now do so at the hospitality of my family. There are three beautiful cottages just steps from the water, with access to lawn bowling and a tennis court, all within easy driving distance to the town of Mindemoya.

If you’re interested, you can find more information at Nathan and his family would be glad to host you and your family this summer.

This is the first poem of Conversations with Viral Media, a series of publicly posted broadsheets that contain poems written in response to viral video, stills from those videos, and QR codes linking to the videos themselves. They are intended to comment on the way that viral videos can function as symptoms of our cultural dysfunction. They will be released periodically until I get bored. Links to all of the poems with their videos can be found on the Conversations with Viral Media page.