Monthly Archives: May 2020

Kim Davids Mandar is editing of “In | Appropriate”, a collection of essays with Canadian novelists on the subject of writing difference that will be published in the fall by the press that I run, Gordon Hill Press. She and I has a dialogue about the book appear in the most recent issue of The Puritan.
You can find it here –

I know I haven’t posted much by the way of recipes recently, but I experimented my way into this variant of a Monte Cristo sandwich the other day, and I love it, so here it is –

Take whichever bowl is closest to hand and squirt in a healthy amount of Japanese mayo (it probably has an official name, but that’s what we call it around our house, and that’s how we ask for it at the store downtown). Add about two thirds the amount of oil (I’ve used olive and grape, and both worked fine). Add lots of minced garlic (don’t skimp on garlic, ever). Add a bunch of minced fresh parsley. Add salt and pepper. Grate into this mixture a nice strong, hard Swiss cheese (I use Emmentaler), enough that the mixture gets nicely spreadable.

Spread this mixture thickly onto two slices of bread. This is not the time to get health conscious. Thickly. Put some fresh shaved ham between them.

Preheat a skillet. While you wait, crack a couple of eggs into a bowl, and whisk with some milk. Pour the egg mixture into a shallow pan until it’s about the height of your bread. Dip your sandwich into the egg mixture on both sides. It shouldn’t be much trouble, because the cheese mixture holds everything together. Fry it until it’s beautiful and golden on both sides.