I teach literature, make jams and preserves, read continental philosophy, use open source software, bake bread, watch documentary film, coach rugby, and write poetry, among other things. I like my coffee fairly traded, darkly roasted, recently ground, strongly brewed, and black. A very abbreviated list of my personal canon would include, in no particular order, Doestoevsky’s The Idiot, Shakespeare’s King Lear, Marion’s God Without Being, Kafka’s The Trial, Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, King’s The Gunslinger, Levinas’ Ethics and Infinity, Derrida’s The Gift of Death, Lewis’ Til We Have Faces, Gaiman’s Sandman, Bolano’s 2666, and Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I am cynical about spring, but romantic about autumn. I believe that books can be experienced more deeply and understood more fully when consumed simultaneously with a glass of scotch and a pipe. None of these things describe me in ways that I find satisfactory.

I spend much of my time running Vocamus Press, a community organization that supports reading, writing, and publishing in Guelph, Ontario and the surrounding area. If being involved in that sort of thing interests you, feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in my reasons for writing a blog, you can find them at “Why Another Blog?

If you want to reach me, I am at jeremylukehill@gmail.com.

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