Several of the poems from my I Am What They Make of Me series have been published in The Temz Review.

They’re all written from the perspective of characters from novels who have influenced on me. They take language directly from the source texts that I adapt and rearrange to emphasize the bits that are significant to me.

Have a look.



I’m pleased to announce that The Elora Poetry Centre will be publishing my chapbook, “Poetry of Thought”, this spring.

The official launch party will be on Saturday, June at 4:00 PM (though there may be a sneak peak at other places a little earlier), so go ahead and book that date off now.

Susan Sontag explains the appeal of instagram “poetry” in On Photography way back in 1973 – “The only prose that seems credible to more and more readers is… the raw record – edited or unedited talk; fragments or the integral texts of sub-literary documents…; self-deprecatingly sloppy, often paranoid first-person reportage. There is a rancorous suspicion in America of whatever seems literary…, which partly accounts for the new appetite for… few words and many photographs.”

Fenylalanine Publishing has just released CanCon, a chapbook of poetry I wrote by mixing and mashing lyrics from some of Canada’s most overplayed musicians to see if collectively they can say more interesting things than they generally say alone. It is dedicated (with sincere apologies) to Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies, Michael Bublé, Celine Dion, Nickleback, and Shania Twain.

You can read it for free on Fenylalanine’s website.