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Vocamus Press is proud to announce the publication of fallingoverstandingstill by John Jantunen.

The novel interweaves parallel narratives against the backdrop of a desperate search for two pit bulls that have mauled a young boy to death in the cottage community of Bracebridge. The people at the heart of these narratives reveal a Muskoka beyond the resort brochures and the beach vacations, a Muskoka made up of lives that are lived when the tourists are looking elsewhere. Their stories are told with a sharp, clear prose, driven by dialogue, and they combine to create a starkly intimate portrayal of cottage country in Ontario.

The book is available through as a paperback and as an ebook.

Vocamus Press, the co-operative publishing venture I have been developing with some friends, is finally ready to make its official launch.  We are planing to have our launch party on Saturday, January 19th, 2013, with more details to follow when the day gets closer.

What we want everyone to know now is that the festivities will include, besides booze and food and good conversation, an opportunity for people to read from their own writing.   This opportunity is not just for the very few who have had the chance to publish through Vocamus Press so far, and not just for the larger number who are planning to publish with us in the future, but for anyone who would like to come and celebrate our launch with us.  So, if you have anything you would like to share — poetry, short stories, excerpts from larger works –  please email us at

Of course, you are also more than welcome just to come and join the festivities, in which case, book the date in your calendar, and we’ll see you there.

Vocamus Press, the publishing project that I have been developing with some friends, is proud to announce the publication of Eli, Eli by Kathleen James.

This book of poetry, first published in 1981 under the name of Louisa Lord, is the poetic record pf Kathleen’s eldest child, Eli, who passed away from cancer at a very early age. The writing is frank and poignant, full of a fierce and vulnerable strength. It is a poetry where many readers will find their own griefs reflected, and where they may also find the determination to endure through sorrow into hope.

The book is available through as a paperback and as an ebook.

A few months ago, when I announced the publication of Island Pieces, I mentioned a new venture that I was beginning with some friends, a co-operative, community oriented publisher called Vocamus Press.  Though we are not quite as far along as we had hoped, which means that our official launch might not be for a month or two yet, we do now have a website, at, where you can learn a bit about us, see which titles are forthcoming, and follow the Vocamus Press Blog to hear about upcoming events.

I will be adding content over the next few weeks, and I will also be making whatever changes need to be made, so please feel free to have a look and pass on any suggestions or comments that you might have.

I am pleased to announce the publication of Island Pieces, a collection of short fiction, poetry, and photography that recall the summers I spent on Manitoulin Island as a youth.  Many of the pieces were posted as early drafts here on From Word to Word, so if you want a flavour of what the book is like, just check out the Stories category in the navigation bar.

The book is available at as a hardcover, a trade paperback, and a .pdf.  The paperback will be available from major book sites like BarnesAndNoble and Amazon in six or eight weeks, but the Lulu prices will always be cheaper, and they get me a better cut as the author as well.  Also, because of the way that I have arranged distribution, I need to charge a minimum of $2.00 for the ebook on Lulu and who knows how much on BarnesAndNoble or Amazon, so here is a link to a free version, and there is also a link on the Longer Works page.  Those who are looking for a true ebook format will probably get what you want in a couple of weeks, so be patient.

The observant among you will notice that the book has been released through a publishing company called Vocamus Press, which is a co-operative publishing venture that I am starting with a few friends.  We are by no means ready to launch the project formally yet, but we will be publishing a few titles under that name over the next few months (including a new edition of Lindy that has already been released), hoping to have a nice big launch and party in the fall, so stay tuned for details.