Here are links to my longer works – books, chapbooks, broadsheets, and so forth.

Poetry of Thought (Chapbook, Elora Poetry Centre, 2019)

CanCon (Fenylalanine Publishing, 2018)

Trumped (Broadsheet, Vocamus Offcuts, 2018)

Indexical (Broadsheet, Vocamus Offcuts, 2018)

Grounded (Broadsheet, Vocamus Offcuts, 2017)

Trumped: Poems in Their Own Words (Chapbook, Vocamus Offcuts, 2017)

Conversations with Viral Media (Broadsheets, 2015 – Present)

These My Streets (Chapbook, Fenylalanine Publishing, 2015)

Island Pieces (Stories & Poems, Vocamus Press, 2013)

Lindy: A Fantasy (Novel, Vocamus Press, 2013)