Conversations with Viral Media (Publicly Posted Broadsheets, 2015 – ?)Conversations with Viral Media is a series of publicly posted broadsheets that contain poems written in response to viral video, stills from those videos, and QR codes linking to the videos themselves.  They are intended to comment on the way that viral videos can function as symptoms of our cultural dysfunction.  Links to all of the poems with their videos can be found on the Conversations with Viral Media page.

These My Streets (Fenylalanine Publishing, 2015)These My Streets is a collection of poetry that responds to the experience of walking the streets of Guelph. It comments visually and poetically on the social fragmentation of those spaces caused by our culture of fast cars and faster communication. The collection can be viewed at Fenylalanine Publishing. Print files of the cover and the interior are available for download if you’d like to print your own copy. You can also contact me about printed copies at

Island Pieces (Vocamus Press, 2013)Island Pieces is a collection of short prose, poetry, and photography that recalls summers spent on Manitoulin Island. It describes a landscape “where life clings to a skiff of earth that hardly covers the shield rock, and where living things are afterthoughts to stone and water and sky.” Each piece in the collection returns to this northern landscape, exploring what the Island has become in the writer’s memory over the years. Trade paperback and free ereader formats are available through Vocamus Press.

Lindy: A Fantasy (Vocamus Press, 2013)Lindy is a children’s fantasy novel about a young girl whose neighbour leads her into another world very different from her own. Though she is immediately drawn to this new world, she struggles to find her place in in it, especially when it is threatened by a terrible enemy. As she explores her surroundings, she must learn what it means to do what is right and how to make the place her home.  Trade paperback and free ereader formats are available through Vocamus Press.

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